Once the coin amount transfer for a Sell Order has been executed, Banxa must be notified by sending a request to this endpoint with transaction hash, source and destination wallet address details.


data.order.idThe ID of the orderstring
data.order.account_idThe account ID for the orderstring
data.order.account_referenceThe account reference for the customerstring
data.order.order_typeOrder typestring
data.order.payment_typePayment typestring
data.order.refOrder referencenumber
data.order.fiat_codeFiat currency codestring
data.order.fiat_amountFiat currency value for the orderdecimal
data.order.coin_codeCryptocurrency codestring
data.order.coin_amount`Cryptocurrency value for the orderstring
data.order.blockchainThe blockchain network being used for the cryptocurrencyarray
data.order.blockchain.codeThe blockchain codestring
data.order.wallet_addressThe destination wallet address for the orderstring
data.order.wallet_address_tagIf applicable, the destination wallet address tag/memo for the orderstring
data.order.blockchain.descriptionThe blockchain code full namestring
data.order.feeOrder fee in fiat currencydecimal
data.order.payment_feePayment fee in fiat currencydecimal
data.order.commissionCommission amount in the fiat currencydecimal
data.order.tx_hashConfirmed Blockchain transaction hash of the orderstring
data.order.created_atDate when order was created in UTC timestring
data.order.completed_atDate when order was completed in UTC timestring
data.order.statusSee here for details: Order Statusstring
data.order.merchant_feeMerchant defined fee. Shown as null if not configureddecimal
data.order.meta_dataReturning meta data that was passed in the init orderstring
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