Change to Payment Type Values

As part of continuous improvement to Banxa services, we are resolving a pain point that many of our partners have raised around the mapping of orders and payment types using the Get Payment Methods and Get Order(s) Single and Bulk APIs.


Introduce contract_id to Get Coins and Get Order(s)

In order to support additional reporting that you may wish to do, we have introduced the cryptocurrency/blockchain smart contract value to each cryptocurrency and blockchain pair returned in the Get Coins and Get Order(s) Single and Bulk API responses.


Webhooks Version 2

Today, if you have subscribed to Banxa webhooks, they are sent for only a subset of order status transitions (inProgress, completed, expired and waitingPayment). Additionally, the webhook payload only contains the order ID and requires you to make a Get Order call to retrieve the status.


New URL parameters available for theme changes

Using the URL Parametization method of integration, you will now be able to pass parameters that will change the look and feel of the customer's checkout experience. These new parameters include: theme, primaryColor, secondaryColor, backgroundColor and textColor.


Pass Discount Code using Get Prices and Create Order endpoints

You will now be able to change the commission rate charged on a per quote or per order basis using your existing integration with the GET Prices and POST Create Order endpoints.


Introduce X-Request-Id to response payloads

There will be a new header parameter you will receive on all Banxa API responses called X-REQUEST-ID. This value can be used for any integrations troubleshooting with us, and will help us identify all Request and Response pairs.


Pass SSN using KYC Sharing Customer Registration endpoint

You will now be able to pass a customers national ID number using new request parameters taxId and taxState using the KYC Sharing Customer Registration endpoint. For example you can pass the customers SSN and state.


Mobile WebView Guide

New guide for Mobile Implementation published to support mobile implementations of Banxa Checkout.



Release of Node.js SDK for easier integration with Banxa APIs


Deeplinking for Referral Method

Introduced capability to append order parameters to a callback URL.