Get prices for all available payment methods or for a single payment method. Note that this endpoint should only be called when a user requests prices by providing the cryptocurrency, fiat and ideally amounts and payment method. This endpoint is for dynamic quotations and not to retrieve a list of static prices that can be cached. As a result, the endpoint is rate limited.


Prices for an exchange will be calculated and returned as the following:

data.spot_priceSpot price for the fiat to coin exchange.string
data.prices.payment_method_idUnique ID for the payment method that prices have been be returned for.number
data.prices.typeThe exchange type e.g. fiat to cryptocurrencystring
data.prices.spot_price_feePayment Provider Gateway fee calculated based on the Spot Pricestring
data.prices.spot_price_including_feeSpot price for the exchange including the Payment Provider Gateway feestring
data.prices.coin_amountAmount cryptocurrency that the customer will receivestring
data.prices.coin_codeCryptocurrency codestring
data.prices.fiat_amountFiat amount that the customer is spendingstring
data.prices.fiat_codeFiat codestring
data.prices.fee_amountPayment Provider Gateway Fee calculated based on the transaction valuestring
network_feeThe blockchain network fee associated with the purchase.string
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