Retrieve all available cryptocurrencies


data.coins.coin_codeCryptocurrency codestring
data.coins.coin_nameCryptocurrency full namestring
data.coins.blockchainsSupported blockchains for this crypto currentarray
data.coins.blockchains.codeBlockchain codestring
data.coins.blockchains.descriptionBlockchain full namestring
data.coins.blockchains.contract_idBlockchain-cryptocurrency smart contract IDstring
data.coins.blockchains.is_defaultIndicates whether this blockchain is the default for the cryptocurrency. The default blockchain will be automatically selected if a supported blockchain is not provided with a request to for a quote or a request to create an order.

There can only be a single default blockchain configured per cryptocurrency.
data.coins.blockchains.min_valueThis is the minimum amount that can be purchased of this cryptocurrency. string
data.coins.blockchains.address_tagAddress tag requirements for the blockchain.object
data.address_tag.regexRegex that is used to validate the address tag provided.string
data.address_tag.requiredCardinality of the address tag for the blockchain. string
data.address_tag.nameLabel that is used for the address tag for the blockchain. For example "memo" or "tag". string
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