Retrieve all possible payment methods or filter the available by a fiat or coin code. The type of exchange is determined based on the codes provided to the source and target.

If the payment has a supported_agents field which is not null then there are limitations for accessing this payment by browser and operating system. To avoid the payment failing please block customers from accessing those payments from the wrong device


data.payment_methods.idThe ID of the payment methodnumber
data.payment_methods.nameThe name of the payment methodstring
data.payment_methods.descriptionDescription of the payment method which can be displayed to customersstring
data.payment_methods.logo_urlUrl to get a logo for this payment methoduri
data.payment_methods.statusACTIVE or INACTIVEstring
data.payment_methods.typeThe exchange type e.g. 'FIAT_TO_CRYPTO'string
data.payment_methods.supported_agents.osThe operating system required for this paymentstring
data.payment_methods.supported_agents.browserThe browser required for this paymentstring
data.payment_methods.supported_fiatList of supported currenciesarray
data.payment_methods.supported_coinList of supported crypto coinsarray
data.payment_methods.transaction_fees.fiat_codeThe currency of the feestring
data.payment_methods.transaction_fees.coin_codeThe coin this fee applies tostring
data.payment_methods.transaction_fees.fees.nameThe name of the feestring
data.payment_methods.transaction_fees.fees.amountThe amount of the fee based on the type, e.g. if 5 with percentage then read as 5%number
data.payment_methods.transaction_fees.fees.typeThe fee type. One of percentage or fixedstring
data.payment_methods.transaction_limits.fiat_codeThe currency of the limitsstring
data.payment_methods.transaction_limits.minThe minimum order size for this payment methodnumber
data.payment_methods.transaction_limits.maxThe maximum order size for this payment methodnumber
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