Allows your customer to create a Fiat to NFT order with Banxa. Upon success, the response will contain a checkout URL which will be unique for the order. The customer will be redirected to this URL to complete the checkout process, which will expire after 1 minute if a redirect does not occur.

Building a Request for NFT Buy Orders

Buy orders require the following mandatory fields:

  • account_reference: the customer's unique ID in our system
  • purchase_reference: the customer's order ID you want to reference in your system
  • source: a supported fiat currency e.g. USD
  • source_amount: fiat currency amount NFT is listed in
  • target: cryptocurrency NFT is listed in e.g. ETH
  • wallet_address: the address associated with the cryptocurrency being purchased
  • return_url_on_success: used to return the customer to your website once the order is completed
  • meta_data nfts: used to display NFT name, image and collection name


When an order is ready to be completed by the customer, you will receive the following:

data.order.idUnique ID for the the orderstring
data.order.account_idBanxa generated account ID for the customer and linked to the customer reference provided by youstring
data.order.account_referenceUnique customer reference provided by youstring
data.order.order_typeOrder type. Indicates whether the order is a sell or buy crypto orderstring
data.order.fiat_codeFiat currency codestring
data.order.fiat_amountFiat currency valuedecimal
data.order.coin_codeCryptocurrency codestring
data.order.coin_amountCryptocurrency valuedecimal
data.order.wallet_addressCryptocurrency wallet addressstring
data.order.blockchainBlockchain network used for the cryptocurrencyarray
data.order.blockchain.codeBlockchain codestring
data.order.blockchain.descriptionBlockchain namestring
data.order.created_atTimestamp of order creation in UTCstring
data.order.checkout_urlURL that redirects customer to Banxa checkoutstring
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