Webhooks Version 2

Today, if you have subscribed to Banxa webhooks, they are sent for only a subset of order status transitions (inProgress, completed, expired and waitingPayment). Additionally, the webhook payload only contains the order ID and requires you to make a Get Order call to retrieve the status.

After this change, you will be provided with the status of the order as well as the date and time that the status was updated.

See Webhooks documentation here.

  "order_id": "e82c57b2cba367069dfef4f866c7bc87",
  "status": "expired",
  "status_date": "2024-01-31 12:48:36"

Use Cases

You may wish to leverage these webhooks to send your customers push notifications about the status of their orders. Some good examples include coinTransferred when an order is submitted to the blockchain, or extraVerification, for orders that become held for extra KYC verifications by our customer support team and as a result, the customer will be receiving an email from Banxa.