Order Status

The order response messages from the POST and GET methods include an order status. The following is a list of all possible order statuses that may be returned. You may want to group these statuses into something more relevant for your customers.

Order Flow


Change Notice - From March 12th 2024

The status of coinsTransferred will be re-labelled as cryptoTransferred.


Deprecation Notice - From July 1st 2024

We will be deprecating the status inProgress. This has become a redundant status now that more detailed statuses are available, such as pendingPayment, waitingPayment, paymentReceived and coinsTransferred. As a result, no webhooks will be sent for the status inProgress.

Order Status Definitions

pendingPaymentOrder has been created and the customer has submitted KYC information.

For Buy orders, this indicates we are waiting for customer to make payment for the order.

For Sell orders, this indicates we are waiting for the required conditions to be met before we can accept the crypto payment.
waitingPaymentFor Buy orders, this indicates that the Customer has submitted their payment information, and we are now waiting for final payment confirmation from any external payment systems.

For Sell orders, this indicates that all the required conditions have been met and we are waiting for the Customer to make the crypto payment to the wallet address provided. This status occurs when the customer has passed KYC verification and submitted their Bank Account details for receiving fiat. This webhook will notify you that cryptocurrency is ready to be sent to Banxa.
paymentReceivedCustomer has made payment and payment has been confirmed.

For Buy orders, payment refers to fiat currency.

For Sell orders, payment refers to crypto currency.
inProgressPayment information has been received by the external payment systems. The order is now in final verification and processing.
coinTransferredCryptocurrency transaction has been submitted blockchain.
cancelledOrder has been cancelled by Banxa due to internal risk and compliance alerts.
declinedOrder has been declined by external payment systems.
expiredOrder has been created, customer has not made payment for the order within the expiry time. (Expiry times may differ for each payment method)
completeOrder has been completed.

For Buy orders, we deem the cryptocurrency transaction to be completed after 2 confirmations on blockchain.

For Sell orders, we deem the fiat payout to be completed when the fiat currency has been successfully sent.
refundedOrder has been refunded by Banxa customer support in response to a request from the customer.
extraVerificationThe order has been held for extra verification such as ID address verification. Banxa customer support will be reaching out to the customer to assist them resolve the order.