Style Guide

These styling options allow you to configure the look and feel of the checkout experience to best match your application.

1Primary color4287f5Used throughout the app for headers, active buttons and loading icons.
2Secondary color111e2bUsed throughout the app for button hover over effects.
3Text color000000Used as the color for labels and input text.
4Background colorffffffThis can be a solid background color applied to all pages of the checkout journey.
5ThemeDark, LightThis can be used to defined the Banxa custom Light or Dark theme.
6LogofileName.pngPNG file 70 pixels in height. Please provide logo for both dark and white theme background or the vector design of the logo.

🎨Color guide

As an example, the below screenshot shows a solid background set as black (#000000), a primary color set at purple (#e014c2) and text color set at white (#ffffff).


Banxa light mode

In addition to setting the theme for the user, the user will also be able to change between light and dark mode via the settings button on the to right hand side. You can try it out here:

Banxa dark mode

This is the custom Banxa dark mode with a Binance logo.