Getting started with the Prices API


Learn how to use the Prices API to retrieve order quotes.


The Get Prices endpoint allows you to retrieve a quote for a customer order based on fiat, cryptocurrency and payment method combinations. Each payment method will have different prices due to different payment gateway fees that apply.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have completed the following prerequisites:

  • You have set up Authentication
  • You are able to call the Payment Methods which provides you the list of Payment Methods that are available for a particular fiat and cryptocurrency combination, as well as transaction minimum and maximum values. You may cache this data, which we recommend you re-cache hourly.

Example implementation approach

Using a combination of the Get Payment Methods and the Get Prices endpoints, you will be able to build an order form that takes the user's inputs and dynamically calculates a quote.


  1. Call the Get Payment Methods endpoint containing the source and target parameters.
  2. Based on the response, display on your UI, the available payment methods, payment method logos and minimum & maximum transaction limits for the applicable payment method.
  3. Call the Get Prices endpoint containing the source and target and optionally, the payment_method_id parameters.
  4. Based on the response, display the fiat_amount or coin_amount, associated with the correct payment method.
  5. Optional. Based on the response, display the payment gateway fee. This step is optional as the amount is already included in the quote.
Example UI ImplementationExample UI Implementation

Example UI Implementation

    "data": {
        "spot_price": "3130.96",
        "prices": [
                "payment_method_id": 6030,
                "type": "FIAT_TO_CRYPTO",
                "spot_price_fee": "62.31",
                "spot_price_including_fee": "3193.27",
                "coin_amount": "0.93947700",
                "coin_code": "ETH",
                "fiat_amount": "3000.00",
                "fiat_code": "USD",
                "fee_amount": "58.54"