Testing Information

We have a sandbox environment for testing your integration. In the sandbox environment, you can go through the user journey and place demo orders. You use the following test data in order to progress an order.


API Hosts

The Sandbox environment can be accessed via https://[PARTNER-NAME].banxa-sandbox.com

Test Mobile Number and Pin Code

During the order creation on Banxa, the customer is required to enter a mobile phone number. A PIN code is sent to the mobile phone via SMS, which the customer is then required to enter. The Banxa sandbox environment is configured to accept a special PIN code of 7203. Please note that an SMS will be sent to all numbers provided so please ensure the number is not a legitimate one.

Mobile NumberPin Code
+61 4915776447203
+61 4915781487203
+61 4915789577203
+61 4915792127203
+61 4915746327203
+61 4915794557203
+61 4915701567203
+61 4915701597203

Test KYC Data

The customer will be guided through a KYC process during their first order with Banxa. Below are suggested test information that you can provide, however any information can be submitting in Sandbox as data is not validated.

You may also be asked to upload a ID photos, this can be any image with some text, captured using your device and will not be verified, however will need to be in high resolution.

Test KYC for Brazilian customers

You may use CPF "10112075088"

Test KYC for South African customers

You may use identification number "840911 4567 658"

Test Credit Card

Card NameUse the name that you provided as part of KYC
Card Number4444333322221111
Security Code555

Test Credit Card for GBP or EUR

Card Number4242424242424242
ExpiryAny expiry date in the future
Security Code100

Test POLi Payments

Enter the following details to login to the test bank

Username: DemoShopper
Password: DemoShopper

Test US ACH Payments

Enter the following details to login to the Plaid screen

username: user_good
password: pass_good
pin: credential_good (when required)

For more details, read https://plaid.com/docs/sandbox/test-credentials/

Test Bank Account

These details can be used for Off-Ramp transactions. These are dummy data that can be used, however as long as the Name of the Account is the same as the name of the customer as per their KYC, then any Account Number can be used in our Sandbox environment.

NameJohn Smith
Account Number111111