Widget (iFrame)

By implementing a widget, you will be able to embed the Banxa site in an iFrame and allow customers to complete the checkout process within this iFrame. This can be done using a code snippet that Banxa will provide to you in the Create Order response.

Note. the iFrame cannot be used in Safari as Safari does not allow third party cookies that the iFrame requires.


Use these instructions if you are implementing the Banxa API. If you are implementing the Referral Method, see here.


  1. Call the Create Order API, and include the iframe_domain parameter in the body of the request. The iframe_domain should be the exact domain that you will be using to host the iFrame e.g. binance.beta.io, and NOT your Banxa domain that was provided to you e.g. binance.banxa.com. Our CSP headers will then allow this frame-ancestor to be using Banxa checkout in an iFrame element.


Do not include https:// in front of the domain.

  1. The checkout_iframe value that is returned in the Create Order response will be the checkout URL that can be used within the iFrame element on your site.

The iframe should be loaded within a modal div and below is the recommended iframe format:

<iframe src="{checkout_iframe}" style="border:0; width: 100%; min-height: 80vh;"></iframe>


When moving from different environments. you will need to have your session/cache cleared otherwise whitelisted domains will not have carried over.