1. Why is it taking a long time for customers to receive coins?

Most of the time, provided all KYC documents are provided correctly, customers’ orders will be fulfilled automatically. However, if there is a delay, it could be due to:

  • Payment method that customers used: For example, if customers chose Bank Transfer (Faster Payment, SEPA, SoFort), this could take up to 2 business days for Banxa to receive the fund from customers (this means it will be longer if customers put orders during weekends). Only when we receive the fund, then we will be able to transfer coins to customers. Please note with SEPA payments, we also do require customers to send a receipt confirming the transfer.

Please help us to identify the payment methods that customers used to purchase coins and the time they made the order and assist us in advising customers accordingly.

  • Customers’ KYC information is incomplete or does not meet requirements: For example, customers sent through ID but the quality is not readable or with glare. Or the selfie that customers sent through was taken from a long time ago, when we require the selfie to be taken within 24 hours of the time order placed. For these cases, we will have to review the order manually and we will send SMS/emails to customers requesting for new/further information. Please kindly assist in asking customers to check their emails and email’s spam inbox for Banxa communications.

2. KYC information that Banxa require

We require the following information for each customer:

  • First Name, Middle Name (if any), Last Name, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, Address.
  • Documents to be provided:
    If passport: front page,
    If driver licence: front and back,
    If ID card: front and back,
    Selfie of customer holding their ID: the photo must be new and taken within 24 hours of the order placing time

Please note for high-value transaction, to avoid customer being scammed and to reduce fraud level, we might also contact customer to request the proof for their Source of Fund

3. Do Banxa have 24/7 customer support?

We do indeed have 24/7 customer support. Customers can reach out to us at support.banxa.com

4. Can partners reach out to Banxa for end-user support?

Absolutely, please feel free to contact your designated Account Manager if you would like us to assist with any request. In order for us to assist an order inquiry, please kindly quote the Order Reference or Customer information (Email address or Full name used for the order) in the request.

5. What is the transaction limit?

Please refer to this table here for transaction limit, according to each fiat (Table updated April 2021)

6. Which chain of USDT that Banxa support

We support ERC20 at the moment

7. Which digital assets that Banxa support?

At the moment, we support: BTC, BNB, BUSD, ETH, LINK, LTC, USDC, USDT